Our Story

“Inspired by the art of nature…”

Barbarossa originally started in the United States 35 years ago making luxurious handcrafted leathers, although it has been in our family DNA for over a hundred years. We come from a lineage of European and Argentinean tanners. Today the company is run by two brothers, Leonardo and Alejandro, who employs an international team for design and sales. Together we work closely with our customers all over the world, creating lasting partnerships with manufacturers as well as top-tier design firms.

Barbarossa has always been in the business of creating art. Until recently, our canvas has only been leather, but during our worldly travels, we discovered the natural handwoven raffia in its place of origin: Madagascar. Our fascination with raffia stemmed from its similar traits to leather. As with our leather, good raffia wallcovering is only produced using hands, eyes, and a sense for beautiful products.

Our attention to detail, custom coloring, and hand finishes has set Barbarossa apart in the leather business for the last four decades. Now we are bringing these same capabilities to the world of raffia wallpaper!

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